CCEA Mission Romania 2012

"As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God." 1 Peter 4:10

Our Last Week in Cluj and First 2 Days in Budapest (with pictures)

So here is what we’ve done in the past week or so. Monday we just hung out and did some souvenir shopping during the day. We spent time down in the square and just hung out. At night we went to the YWAM base to help with dinner and clean up. YWAM was hosting the CROSSOVER basketball team, a group of guys and girls who help teach basketball to kids and at night play against local teams. Our job was to serve their dinner, clean the kitchen and dishes and then mop and clean. They didn’t eat dinner til between 930-10 so it was definitely a late night for us.

Tuesday we purchased our tickets to Budapest and had a time of prayer at JeJe and Coleen’s. It was a great time just reflecting on our time we had in Cluj and what the Lord had done in each of our own lives. We have all learned and grown so much throughout the duration of this trip. We went back to the YWAM base again Tuesday night to serve the CROSSOVER team.

Wednesday we went to central park to hang out during the day before we went and watched the CROSSOVER teams play. During this time, there was a heavy rainstorm that Jessica, Whitnee and I got caught in. It stopped raining, and we headed to the gym to watch the games…on the way there the streets were flooded and Jessica, Becca and I got kicked out of our cab because the driver didn’t want to drive across the flooded road. So we walked…through the nasty dirty water to find our way to the gym. The girls played and had a great come from behind win, and the guys were dominant. It was fun to watch. We then went back to the base to serve them before they headed to Budapest and then to the Czech Republic to continue on with their tour.

Thursday was an all-day affair beginning at 5AM. Seeing as we didn’t home til after midnight, it made for a long day with little sleep. We left Cluj at 5 AM headed for Sigishoara. We had thoughts of eating breakfast there before heading on to Bran, where Dracula’s castle is, but we got there too early…so we settled for some crackers and baked goods from a local bakery. On we went to Bran where we spent a few hours, eating and checking out the castle. It was pretty cool, I think we are all glad we had the opportunity to get to see and experience it. A long drive, but well worth it. We stopped in Sigishoara for some time in the city as well as dinner. What a beautiful city! It is a medieval city where some of Romania’s rulers lived…and I may be wrong, but I believe this is where Vlad the Impaler lived. After dinner we got back in our shuttle to head back to Cluj. Arriving home at 11 PM, needless to say…we were absolutely exhausted.

Friday…our last day in Cluj. 2 words…Mixed emotions. The girls checked out of the bread and breakfast, and Jess and Whit headed to the salon for a massage and a hair dying. The rest of us went to the mall and saw Batman. We then made our way back to the Jejeran’s for a sweet time of fellowship with our friends from YWAM. It was really weird to think that we were actually leaving that night and that they had come to say goodbye. In our 6 and a half weeks here, they really made us feel at home. Home away from home where each of us felt so welcomed and really like a part of their family. After our goodbyes, we headed to a traditional Romanian dinner with the six of us and the Jejeran family. It was nice to spend time with just us and them. After dinner, the six of us met up with Ovi and Cristina from the YWAM base to hang out. We had some ice cream before walking to a park to pray. It was a great way to spend our last moments in the city. After gathering our stuff at the Jejeran house, we headed to the bus station where we got aboard our shuttle and left for our 7 hour journey to Budapest. Definitely mixed emotions. It was so hard to leave these people who we have connected with and truly come to love and cherish after 6 and a half weeks, but we also know that God has so many more great blessings ahead of…including a trip back to Budapest for Chanel, Natalie, Jessica and I. And we were very excited to share our memories of the city with Whitnee and Becca.

Saturday in Budapest…well, we got to the bus station a bit after 7. Got a couple taxis and headed for the church. After checking in, we headed out to hang out in the city. We went all over today revisiting some of the places we had been 2 years ago. Included in that was where we had our first outreach, as well as Hero Square. It was a really long day, and we came in early to get some sleep before another long day Sunday. We were really looking forward to Sunday…church in the morning, lunch and maybe a visit to the castle followed by evening church and dinner with our friends at one of our favorite Hungarian restaurants, The Jungle…also known as the pirate restaurant.

Sunday was great! Church in the morning followed by lunch at Arriba and some sightseeing. We spent the day walking around the castle and the rest of the Buda side of the city before heading back to church for Sunday night service. Worship was amazing, as those of you who have been here know, and it was just a great way to spend our last Sunday here in Europe. We went to The Jungle for dinner and were joined by a few of our Hungarian friends. What a blessing it was to hang out with them and talk about what has been going on for the past couple of years as well as talk about all the things that we had done here in this city.

Today, the girls went off to a Turkish bath and I met up with a friend who I grew up with and had lunch. Pretty amazing to travel half way around the world and meet up with someone you’ve known almost your whole life. We will be heading to the castle tonight as we spend our last night here in Europe before we start our journey home tomorrow!

It has been an incredible experience and we thank you so much for your support, love, and prayers. We hope that this blog has allowed you to come along with us on this great adventure that God has set before us. The six of us look forward to coming home and being able to share our stories with all of you!

In His love,

Ryan, Chanel, Natalie, Jessica, Whitnee and Becca


Goodbye, Cluj…Hello, Budapest

Sorry for the lack of updates! Been getting home late this past week.

I’ll write more tomorrow as well as upload some pictures!

But our time in Cluj has officially come to a close and we have arrived in Budapest. We spent the day touring the city and it was great. We are running on empty, not much sleep happened on the bus ride here.

More to come tomorrow!

Stay tuned!!!


Orphanage Trip and Pictures From the Week

Today, we went to a village about a hour outside of Cluj to visit an orphanage. This was an eye opening experience, and I pray that we can take what we saw and let it sink in with us! Just seeing the joy in these children, who had nothing was so precious! We got to go to 3 different places and see a few different churches. One where they feed kids once a day, which was soup and bread. The kids, both young and old, were just so happy to have us around. It was awesome!!! Here are some pictures from today!

Daniel and the lions den skit!

Jess giving her testimony

We had fun playing sports! Basketball, tennis…and of course, FOOTBALL (Euro style)


The girls had craft time!

We capped off our day with a traditional Romanian dinner. It was a great way to spend our last night with the team from York. Keep them in your prayers as they travel to Venice tomorrow before heading back home to York!

Making the night even better was the beautiful sunset!

And of course a little fun in the mall 🙂

Below are some pictures from the park early in the week with the team from York as well as from baseball on Tuesday!

We are about a week away from heading to Budapest. Crazy to think our time in Cluj is coming to an end. We’ve had such great experiences here and have seen the Lord move in so many magnificent ways. Thank you all for your prayers, they have lifted us through our time here. We hope that you have enjoyed our blog, as you have been a major part of our journey. Please continue to keep us in your prayers! We’ll continue to post until we come home!

With lots of love,

Becca, Natalie, Whitnee, Chanel, Jessica, and Ryan

Sharing Stories

Tonight we went back to central park and listened to people from the York team as well as a couple from prison fellowship give their testimonies. It was a really great time to hear the stories as well as the hearts of those who we are ministering along side. Tomorrow we are headed to an orphanage with the team from York. I know many of us are looking forward to it, plus it is outside of Cluj so we’ll get to see a little bit more of the country tomorrow. I’ll post some pictures tomorrow when we get back as well as an update of how it went.

A Great Start to our Week

Today was our first full day out with the team from CC York. We started off by going out in front of the market (Billa) and handing out flyers and talking to people. We were there for a while until some police officers told Becca she had to stop playing her guitar. So we moved to the park down the road and played with tons of kids and got to speak with lots of adults. A lady outside of Billa gave her life to the Lord and it was an awesome start to our day!

We went off to do some grocery shopping for the week before our evening outreach. Today, we headed down to the big square in the middle of the city. It was such a great time of evangelism as the weather was great and lots of people were in the square. We know of at least 4 people who gave their lives to the Lord tonight!!!

Tomorrow we will head off to baseball in the morning, pray that some of the kids who came to the camp will come tomorrow! After baseball, we’ll head back out tomorrow. Either to the square or the park!

The British Are Coming

Well…actually, they are already here, but we said it a lot while we awaited their arrival so I thought I’d throw it in there! There is a team of 9 here in Cluj from Calvary Chapel York that we are partnering up with this week to evangelize. They are staying at the same bed and breakfast our big team stayed at. They arrived yesterday evening after a long day of travel and came to the YWAM base for dinner.

Last night was the last night that the Hawaii team was here. Below are some pictures from the BBQ and our time together in town.

Today was great. JeJe gave a great message this morning at church which was followed by shawarma for lunch at the house with the team from CC York. Tonight we went down to central park and went out evangelizing. It was almost like our team was here again, except we didn’t have any dramas to perform so we didn’t use the gazebo. The park was super crowded and God blessed our time there! Becca and Lili brought their guitars and played to attract some people and the rest of us went out to share with people in the park. I know of at least 3 people who gave their lives to the Lord tonight and many others that had really encouraging conversations.

Please keep us in prayer as we go out this week to evangelize daily! Hope you all have a blessed Sunday back home!


Recap of our week

We had an amazing week at baseball camp. We had over 80 kids ranging from 5-18 out on the field. Teaching them the fundamentals and rules of the game was a lot of fun. More importantly, we got to teach them about Jesus and having a personal relationship with Him. Each day we had a new lesson, building a foundation, trust, forgiveness, love and sacrifice. It all came together on Friday as one of our friends from YWAM shared about running home, paralleling baseball to life with Jesus Christ.

There is something to be said about the joy on a child’s face. From day one to day five, seeing that trust built in their coaches as well as their teammates is something that we will never forget. That and the smiles that are shared because friendships were built. The smiles and laughter are something that we will all take home and pray that we remember as we struggle through tough days. Watching kids light up after making a catch or hitting a ball and getting to first base safely…it’s hard to put in to words. Maybe some of these pictures will help you see the joy we all had at the camp. I’m positive that the workers of the camp had more fun and were more blessed than the kids!

I can’t begin to describe the love these kids showed to us. As camp came to a close, the kids asked the adults to sign their shirts and hats. There were hugs and laughter and smiles and pictures. In those closing moments, God really shed light on the type of love that He had us here for and it was love that we received from these kids. To love like these kids love is something I hope we can all take home with us and remember. These next few pictures are from our last day at camp, which included a staff game after all the kids left 🙂

After coming home to shower and get a little rest, we went back to the YWAM base for dinner. After dinner, we headed downtown to hang out with most of the team from Kona. The highlight of the night was running in to one of the kids from camp. Seeing how excited he was to see us was such a blessing! His mom told us that her boys really enjoyed the camp and were looking forward to the basketball camp that is going to be starting a week from Monday! Here are a few pictures from our night out in the beautiful city of Cluj.

We spent today relaxing, resting, cleaning and doing laundry before heading back to the base for one last BBQ before the Kona team heads to London for six weeks. Please keep them in prayer as they will be part of 1,000 missionaries from YWAM headed to London to minister to people there during the olympics. As for us, a team from Calvary Chapel York arrived today and we will be partnering with them this week to head to parks and evangelize. Friday we will be headed to an orphanage somewhere outside the city.


Galatians 6:9-10

“Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary. So then, while we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, and especially to those who are of the household of the faith.”
Well, we are on the home stretch of baseball camp. It’s being going really well, but we are definitely tired. The kids all have so much energy 🙂 Praise be to God that He has brought us cooler weather as we’ve been out on the field during the day. The kids seem to be loving the game and we’ve seen each group make so much progress. It’s been great to watch them grow and improve so much in such a short period of time. Monday we learned how to throw and catch. Yesterday we learned how to bat. Today we learned how to run the bases. Each day we have built on what we learned the previous days. More importantly, we’ve been able to teach the kids about Jesus. Monday they were taught about building a foundation in/on Jesus. Yesterdays lesson was on trust and today the kids learned about forgiveness. It has been so sweet to teach all these beautiful children.

Pictures to come at the end of the week!

Please pray for us as we still have 2 days left on the field and pray for these kids! Thanks all!!!


Sorry in advance. This post is going to be short. And the only picture I have is the one Chanel sent me from her phone. I left my camera at the girls apartment…but what a day! It was our first day of baseball camp and we had 71 kids show up. What a blessing. It was so awesome…we are praying that more and more come throughout the week! It’s been a long day, and its going to be even longer tomorrow. We might have short updates this whole week…but pictures and a detailed update to come at the end of the week!

Saturday and Sunday

Sorry for no post yesterday! We had a late night at the YWAM base. Yesterday started off with JeJe, Elli, and James going to baseball. The girls cleaned, cooked and headed out to hand out flyers. I studied for the real life series that we had tonight. In the afternoon, we all headed to the YWAM base for a barbeque. We had a great time hanging out there with all the YWAM people! We stayed late, talking, eating, and playing games.

Today we had church service in the morning followed by real life series tonight. We are prepping for a week of baseball camp. Its going to be a long week, pray for cool weather for us as we will be out on the field from 830-2 or 3 every day. Here are some pictures from our day yesterday at the base!

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